Monday, November 14, 2011

Bee Healthy

At the beginning of every winter I always began searching for a product or vitamin that would steel me and my family against the barrage of germs that the cold season brought. Last winter a few friends introduced me to the health benefits of bee products, specifically propolis and bee pollen. After taking these natural products for a year, even my husband, who was skeptical at first, believes in their health benefits. In fact, after staying healthy through the last horrible cold that came through our home, he insisted that I write and tell you, "This stuff really does work"!
Bee Pollen
Bee pollen is the pollen that bees harvest from flowers to use as food. Bee pollen contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It has been claimed that if bee pollen is taken on a regular basis it can relieve seasonal allergies. Because of the high levels of carbohydrates and protein found in bee pollen, it has also been used by athletes as a sort of "super food" to provide energy and endurance. We mix one tablespoon of bee pollen in a small amount of water and drink it down once a day. Our son is too young to take much so I started him with just a few granules (to make sure he wasn't allergic) and slowly increased the amount. I sprinkle a small amount on his peanut butter toast and he eats it up! Because people can be allergic to bee products, be careful to start with a small amount and slowly increase to the the appropriate dosage.
Propolis Tincture
Propolis is a dark resin like substance that bees use to seal and protect their hives. Because of its antibacterial properties, bees use propolis to keep their hives free of bacteria and fungus. Medicinally people have been known to use propolis on surface wounds, mouth sores, and for preventing illness. My husband and I take a propolis tincture with water at the first symptom of a cold, or whenever our little guy gets a runny nose. We continue to take propolis until all signs of any illness are gone. The tincture we take contains alcohol, so I am not able to give it to my son but I have read that there is a propolis tincture made with water that would be better for children to take. 
Bee Jelly
Another product that we love is a jelly made with honey, royal  jelly (the honey reserved for the queen bee), propolis and bee pollen. If your ready for an energy boost, this will do it. Before I go for a long run I usually will consume a large spoonful of bee jelly or I will pack some to take later on my run. This tastes so much better than the gel packs that athletes are sold and I feel like it works better and lasts longer!
Once I started researching bee products I was surprised to find how many businesses make and sell a large variety of bee based merchandise. There are creams, soaps, jellies and yes, even  a product that uses ground up, dead bees (personally, I'm not ready to consume dead bees quite yet!)
Not only am I convinced that bee products are beneficial to boosting your immune system and killing germs, I love that they are a natural way to heal your body. I am looking forward to not having to scour the stores for vitamins this year!
Have you used natural products to aid in healthy living? Tell me about it... I'd love to know!
God bless!


Anita Beyer said...

Sounds great - my only suggestion would be to add burning beeswax candles in your home! Lovely natural honey scent purifies the air as it burns!

Joy said...

I didn't know that, Anita. Do you know how that works?

Sarah said...

Hey Joy,
Very cool that you started a blog! Thanks for the helpful info re: bee products! Actually, I heard about bee pollen before and my mom recently got me some, so I've been taking it pretty much every morning. I have pretty bad seasonal allergies which would keep me up many nights since I moved to Missouri last year (around May)...I hope I'll see the effects by next spring/summer:)

Hope to catch up w/ you sometime! I'll send you a fb msg to see if you might be free...


Joy said...

Great, Sarah! I hope the bee pollen helps you! I've heard that you need to take it for a little while before it will help with allergies, so maybe by the spring you will have had enough to relieve your symptoms!
Hope you are well!