Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrifty Tip # 2 - Homade Fabric Softener

   Are you ready to cut back on your expenses a little more today? As I shared in my last post on making homemade laundry soap, I have been learning how to save money through making my own household cleaning products. There are a LOT of really neat ideas out there, some are revolutionary and some.... I  could live without. For example, there was the time I tried washing my hair with only vinegar and baking soda for a week... OUCH! My dry skin was burning and my long hair always faintly smelled of vinegar. I was willing to try something new, but good shampoo is one thing I will be spending a little more money on in the future. However, I've tested many other homemade concoctions on my unsuspecting family and loved most of them! I promise to only share the best with you!
   My favorite thrifty tip for today is: homemade fabric softener. I found this idea at the Frugal Girls web page and really loved it! This fabric softener requires only three ingredients, smells good, costs very little to make, is gentle on your clothes and does a great job eliminating static! Ready to try it out?

Thrifty Tip # 2- Homemade Fabric Softener

What you will need:

  • 6 cups of HOT water
  • 3 cups of White Vinegar
  • 2 cups or one 15 oz. bottle of Suave Conditioner (whatever scent you love)
  • An empty container for storage. Mine was an old fabric softener container.
  • A funnel to easily poor the fabric softener into a container.

                  First: Heat six cups of water in a pot until boiling

                  Second: Add the conditioner and vinegar to the hot water.

                   Third: Stir until the conditioner is completely dissolved.

                                  Fourth: Funnel into a container with a lid.

Last but not least, use two tablespoons of fabric softener per load of laundry and enjoy!
   As I said before, this project couldn't be any easier and the best part is that it works just as well as any name brand fabric softener but costs so much less!

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